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Choraphor Instructions - Buy Choraphor

Please read the Choraphor Instructions before use.

Helpful Hints for Applying ChoRaphoR™

1. Apply ChoRaphoR™ only ONCE per outbreak

2. Apply ChoRaphoR™ at the right time

3. Apply ChoRaphoR™ to clean and dry skin.

4. ChoRaphoR™ is a concentrated solution

5. The scab must be allowed to heal naturally and without disturbance.

6. Apply to any future outbreaks that occur, if necessary

1. Apply ChoRaphoR™ only ONCE per outbreak

During an outbreak you only need to make one thorough application of the ChoRaphoR™.

By re-applying the ChoRaphoR™ time after time the product may lose efficacy since it is not possible to dry up the crack.

Make the application at the right time, preferably when the outbreak is at its peak, and then leave the area to dry.

Re-apply the ChoRaphoR™ at your next outbreak, if necessary.

2. Apply ChoRaphoR™ at the right time

It is recommended that you apply ChoRaphoR™ only once during the outbreak, when it is open and at the peak of its cycle.

Although best long term results are achieved by applying ChoRaphoR™ to a visible and mature outbreak, users have had success by applying ChoRaphoR™ in the beginning.

This can include applying ChoRaphoR™ to the first sign of itching, tingling or redness.

3. Apply ChoRaphoR™ to clean and dry skin.

DO NOT use other topical products in combination with ChoRaphoR™. If you have other products on the lesion or surrounding area make sure to remove them.

4. ChoRaphoR™ is a concentrated solution

The ChoRaphoR™ should not be applied straight, it is in concentrated form.

To make an application simply:

Immerse a cotton swab (q-tip, cotton bud or cotton ball) in warm water

Squeeze out the excess water

Transfer a few drops of ChoRaphoR™ to the cotton swab
(enough to saturate it).

Proceed with the application steps, outlined in the instructions

You can control how weak or strong you would like the stinging sensation to be. If you find that the application stings too much you can add more drops of water and less drops of ChoRaphoR™ until the solution is at a strength that is comfortable for you.

Please keep in mind that for the ChoRaphoR™ to be effective a mild to strong stinging sensation should still be felt.

When applied to the outbreak the ChoRaphoR™ should cause a moderate to strong stinging sensation.

If you feel no stinging sensation the application may too weak. In this case, try adding more drops of ChoRaphoR™ with less water until a stinging sensation is felt.

5. The natural scab must be allowed to disappear naturally.

Once ChoRaphoR™ is applied the area of application will rapidly dry up and the affected area should naturally produce a scab.

When the scab is forming you may feel a desire to scratch but do not. If the scab is removed or excessively wet you may have to begin the process again. After a short period of time the scab will fall off to reveal normal healthy looking skin.

You may want to cover the scab with a plaster or water-proof bandage to further protect it from damage and moisture. Make sure the covering is not adhesive so that it does not remove or damage the scab when removed. In areas below the waist that are moist, scabs may not form, in which case the area will close over without forming a scab

6. Apply to any future outbreaks that occur, if necessary.

ChoRaphoR™ is a product that needs to be applied to each outbreak over a period of time for maximum results. If outbreaks reoccur it is important to apply ChoRaphoR™ again, as per instructions.

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